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by Michael

Ski Goggles Sale – Important Tips To Remember When Making Your Purchase

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Ski goggles are a must-have accessory for comfortable and safe skiing. One thing’s for sure is you skiing experience will be incomplete without the perfect pair of ski goggle to suit your style, location, and prevailing weather conditions.

These accessories will protect your eyes from harmful elements such as sun rays, rocks, branches and cold winds. They also help with visibility in varying light conditions, depending on chosen lens color. I’ve compiled a guide on ski goggles sale to help you pick the perfect pair of ski goggles that’s not only affordable but also effective.


Your lens type will be determined by the element you require protection from. Sun ray protection is always a must! Double lenses are perfect for fog problems. It is however important to keep in mind that double lenses will be a lot more expense than single lenses but worth every cent if you are constantly battling with lens fogging. Apart from being seriously annoying, fog is also extremely dangerous. It thus recommended that you invest in ski goggles with a style that reigns supreme in term of safety. Goggles with vents will also help prevent fogging.

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The first question you need to ask yourself when considering lens color is- What are the usual lighting conditions? The answer is of course of utmost importance as every color has its own effect on vision. Some colors assist with crisper and clearer vision while other just plain hinder and blur sight.


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Purple tones are perfect for cloudy and overcast days. Silver, green and gold lenses are suitable for most prevailing weather conditions and should the glare be extreme and sun bright, black iridium lenses are great. The mirror effect of the lens coating helps reduce with glare without reducing your visibility.


If you are one of those clever skiers who wears a helmet, this will be another very important consideration when picking ski goggles that are just right for you. Chosen goggles should be 100 percent compatible with your helmet.

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Perfect Fit

It’s essential to remember that if you are a prescription eyeglasses wearer that what you consider a perfect fit will be totally different from that of a contact lens wearing or person with 20/20 vision. The better your sight the sleeker and smaller the goggles you’ll need, while the poorer your vision the bulkier the piece to accommodate existing eyewear. This ought to be no problem, just make sure you take your glasses along when you go shopping for ski goggles so that you can be fitted properly before your actual purchase.